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At A.Y.M. Shafa, we operate in a manner that considers the environment and contributes to a future better than today for mankind. With the awareness of our social responsibility, we have developed a framework that supports the fulfillment of the obligations to the People, Planet and Profit.

Consequently, we have Identified the following areas of focus for our interventions and community support. 

CSR  Education
 Scholarship to Students, Books and Educational facilities Donation to      Schools. 

 Renovation and construction of Primary and Secondary schools in     various communities like Alkaleri Primary and Secondary School         among  others.




Economic empowerment: 

Provision of Employment.

Environment Protection
Protect the Environment Awareness Campaign. 

Building of Police Station in places like Bauchi Road, Jos State.



CSR  Community Investment
 Road repairs, and development of Pedestrial way such as one in Gudu,   Abuja. 

  Provision of Potable Water (Borehole).

  Donation of Electrical Poles to various settlements such as Wuro-Gauri.




Payment of hospital bills and support for sick people.

Renovation of Health Care Centers in communities like Ifie Kporo, Warri. 

Philanthropy: Donations to social causes and IDP camps.