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Health Safety and EnvironmentThe management of A.Y.M. Shafa Limited is committed to ensuring the health and safety of her workers, customers and the protection of her work environment. Ensuring the health and safety of our employees, sub-contractors and third parties is a line function and the responsibility of all supervisors and managers. 
Our quality policy is to operate our business in such a manner that provides excellent quality services and products that consistently meet or exceed industry standards and expectations of our customers and shareholders.

It is our policy to promote and maintain peaceful and mutually beneficial relationship with impacted and host communities. To achieve this, AYM Shafa Limited employs youths and execute projects in host communities. 

AYM SHAFA have established development assistance projects and ensured that the benefits are equitably distributed amongst host community social groups. 

All operations and projects of AYM SHAFA LTD are planned and executed in such a manner as to minimize adverse effect or impact on the people or the environment in which we operate. In the course of our operations, all wastes generated are collected, handled, treated and disposed off in an environmentally sound manner in line with industry and government laws.

To ensure effectiveness in management of our activities, AYM SHAFA LTD takes responsibility of the security of all personnel (staff, sub-contractors, third parties) and property in all our work sites and premises.